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Do you offer party booking options for hiring private Las Vegas strippers?

Yes! We Offer Private Las Vegas Strippers for Bachelor Parties, Birthday Parties, Toy Shows, Interactive Games & More! We've Done Small Parties with 3-4 People in a Group, and BIG Parties with 50+ People in a Group!

Call or Text us with Any Booking Inquires! 702-353-0604


Do you offer solo 1on1 booking options for hiring just 1 private Las Vegas stripper? 

Yep! We All Love todo Solo Bookings for a More Intimate Style of Booking! Call or Text us with Any Booking Inquires! 702-353-0604


How do I book with Fantasy Entertainment and hire strippers from your company? 

Call or Text us with Any Booking Inquires! 702-353-0604


Do I get to choose the strippers that come to my booking? 

Yes! Here is a Direct Website Link to View ALL of the Girls we Work With in Las Vegas!


Are the photos of the strippers on your website real? 

Yep! All of the strippers on our website are the real girls we work with in Las Vegas! We have more "Group Photos" available here on our Instagram page!


Can the strippers perform live xxx shows?

Yes! LIVE XXX TOY SHOW BOOKING OPTIONS: Our services are packaged together to make your experience as memorable as you wish. Click the link below to see our XXX Booking Options in Las Vegas!


Is it better to hire private Las Vegas strippers? Or to go to the strip clubs in Vegas? 

For those that want a more personal and intimate experience with their strippers, consider having private strippers sent to your room – they’re more fun, more versatile, and more tailored to your individual needs. Whether they’re better or not will depend on what you desire.

Call or Text us with Any Booking Inquires! 702-353-0604


How many strippers should I hire for my private party?

I recommend 1 stripper per every 3 guys! Examples...

Group Size 4 = Hire 2 Strippers

Group Size 6 = Hire 2-3 Strippers

Group Size 10 = Hire 2-4 Strippers

Group Size 20+ = Hire 2-5 Strippers


Is it legal to hire private strippers to come to my hotel room in Vegas? 

Yes, lol. To legally operate this kind of business in Las Vegas, Nevada, your company needs to acquire an "Outcall License." Fantasy Entertainment has successfully done so as you can see on our "License"  page. 



How much should I tip my private strippers in Las Vegas? $$$

Private Las Vegas strippers and strippers working at the strip clubs in Vegas are happy to work with all budgets! But at the end of the day, more money = more fun!

While there is no fixed amount, a common practice is to tip around $200 per dancer per hour. This ensures that the dancers feel appreciated for their exceptional performances and professionalism.

Do the girls get fully nude at bookings? 

Yep! All of our booking options come with **Fully Nude Included**

Call or Text us with Any Booking Inquires! 702-353-0604

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